Wezesha’s vision is to empower African women and children so that they live in peace

and dignity, are healthy, and have access to resources.

Wezesha’s mission seeks to support and promote human rights for women and children in Africa to achieve an equal and just society.

The values behind Wezesha are focused on the well-being of African women, youth

and children, and working to address the challenges they face every day. Assisting

survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and empowering women to seek

economic independence through trainings and financial support are at the core of

what Wezesha does. Overall, the following values underpin the work of the


Respect for personal dignity- We believe in a non-judgmental approach that respects

the dignity and rights of those whom we engage with, including staff, volunteers,

members, partners, and targeted groups.

Integrity and honesty- We believe that our work should be undertaken with integrity,

honesty, and professionalism.

Openness to learning- We believe in being open minded while continuing to learn

from stakeholders and partners, and remaining passionate and enthusiastic about our


Empowerment- We believe in independence and long-term solutions to problems

through sustainable projects.

Solidarity and partnership- We believe that being part of an international network

adds value to our work, especially by connecting with the wealthy experiences of the

African Diaspora community as well as using a global partnership approach in our


Accountability and transparency- We believe we should be responsible to each other

and to the people and organisations with whom we engage and strive to make our

work transparent and accountable vis-à-vis of stakeholders.

Equality, justice, and human rights- We believe in an equal and just society where

people live in peace and dignity and have access to the necessary resources and

opportunities for sustainable growth.

Participation- We endeavour to ground our policy and advocacy work in the

experiences of those in Africa and work towards building sustainable and long-term

solutions. We believe equally in incorporating the voices of those in the African

Diaspora community and our partner organisations.