About Wezesha

Wezesha is a registered limited company with guarantee and without capital share; it’s also a registered Charity.

Wezesha is led and managed by a Board of seven which is collectively responsible for ensuring delivery of the organisation’s objectives, for setting its strategic direction, and for upholding its values. The board is supported by an advisory group of eight members with wealth of expertise in different fields.

Wezesha is currently working with partners in two piloting countries (DR. Congo and Kenya). Values We value solidarity, human rights, personal dignity, empowerment, partnership, equality and justice. Principles: Four key principles underpin the work of the Organisation.

1. Africans empowering their brothers and sisters in Africa
2. Africans as advocates for peace, security, equality and prosperity in Africa
3. The African Diaspora being the most effective link for development work between those within and outside of the African Continent.
4. The African Diaspora being equal partners with Northern and Western benefactors committed to the advancement of Africa.